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What Happens as Brain Cancer Progresses?


Brain Cancer

Life threatening condition
Any tumor in the brain is a life threatening condition. Being invasive and infiltrative in nature, within the intracranial compartment, also since it involves one for the prime and most vital part of the human body, brain cancer is definitely not easy to live with. There are two types of tumors, malignant and benign. Benign is non-cancerous, and malignant is cancerous variety of brain tumor. A patient when diagnosed of brain cancer undergoes a lot of stress mentally and emotionally and starts showing many symptoms of depression Facing the reality and acceptance of your health and prognosis is the best way of dealing with depression.

Symptoms of brain cancer depend on the size of the tumor as well its location. The symptoms of this malignant condition can be separated as consequences of intracranial hypertension, dysfunction and compression of the surrounding tissues, and irritation with seizures. Many brain cancers go unnoticed for long and are many a time diagnosed and mimic other illnesses and are diagnosed at a much later stage or only on post mortem. Symptoms are caused by the tumor growing in size and therefore pressing on the adhering areas. This compression many a times causes severe headache, clumsiness, and also seizures. Some patients present with nausea and vomiting , changes in vision, altered memory and attention, speech and intellectual depreciation etc. initially these symptoms are correlated with other ailments, and are over looked by both the patient as well as close family members, till these a recur in frequent and as sever attacks, and the symptoms by themselves beg investigation.

Treatment of brain cancer involves surgical intervention, radiotherapy and chemo therapy.  These are the medical procedures that take physical tool on the patient. Above all, these people have to fight mental and emotional turmoil. Patients, who are diagnosed with brain cancer, foresee death, and it is not easy to keep emotions away from a probable future. Anxiety and depression is common. In such stressful and testing times, only family and friends can give them a helping hand in dealing with depression. Depression is also the most common in post operative complication in patients with brain tumor. Symptoms of depression include lack of appetite and sleeplessness or sometimes too much sleep, low energy etc apart from irritability and lack of concentration. Effective management of depression through counseling always helps the line of treatment and better prognosis.

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