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Travelling from one place to another was a tedious task for disabled people once, but today they have the opportunity to go abroad though there are some challenges in between can seek help from the doctors and can explore the whole world on wheels and travelling can be no longer an exception for them.

Today there are disability travel resources and especially for the wheelchair travelers and slow walkers to visit around the globe there are accessible lifestyle vacations for all the travelers can have the adventures at their own pace. Many places are handicapped accessible.

Famous locations include Disney World where they can go on every ride and the people here help out in enjoying it. Myrtle Beach has specialized wheel chairs that can help the disabled to enjoy this fantastic place. Wisconsin Dells has all the attractions that are handicapped accessible. These are only few to mention. There are still many places to quote and it is no longer required to run into difficulties of past.

Hotels also provide handicapped rooms with restrooms that are larger enough and the public places have all the ramps and elevators available. There are special tour operators that provide an excellent vacation for the people with physical and mental disorders. The places are adapted to special requirements. They also offer cared bus journeys and so the vacation with handicapped is easy now. For wheelchair travelers there are various accessible areas like ease to get in train or flight really hassle free. There are various sites in net that guide them to enjoy holiday with all the facilities required by them. Many airlines now a day cater for the access to wheel chair. Many hotels offer ground floor rooms and they have special lifts or elevators with special shower facilities for handicapped which also have wide door open rooms.

Disabled people can go on comfortable vacation with proper planning so that they cannot miss especially the medication. Good travel agencies provide all the support stands so its not necessary to go well equipped with wheel chairs and other luggage. Comfortable mode of transportation will be arranged by these agencies. Some of the travel agencies include Accessible Journeys, Access Aloha Travel, Access First Travel, Accessible Travel, Best Bets travel, Alternative Leisure & Co, trips unlimited are some which provide wheelchair accessible cruises that provide recreation and provide specialized travel.

Special Villas for affordable prices are available. There are various resources for accessing travel information for disabled people that include activities, accommodation and emergency services. Firstly Travel Planning includes various travel sources that provide access information worldwide. Travel companions include the professions who like to be with you on vacation. There are several destination in Unites States, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and South Pacific. Free and low cost medical transportation and runways transportation assist the travelers. Mobility Air Transportation makes air travel more convenient, accessible and comfortable for the impaired people.

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